What people are saying about Parents Forum

"In Where the Heart Listens Eve Sullivan offers a much needed, timely application of emotional intelligence."

Daniel Goleman, author, Emotional Intelligence


"I believe Where the Heart Listens may contribute significantly to the growth of peace and happiness in the world if individuals, inspired by what they read here, act responsibly and kind-heartedly towards others and create peace and happiness within themselves."

The Dalai Lama


"This is what is missing in a lot of other parents' programs! The workshop gave me information I can use immediately, at home and everywhere."

Workshop participant, Chicago Illinois

What It Is

Parents Forum is a non-profit, community-based organization that provides workshops focusing on emotional awareness.  We help individuals and agencies develop strong support networks and helpful resources for parents and other caregivers. Parents Forum was founded on the principles that raising children connects all families, regardless of background or social status, and that all families can be strengthened by improving communication and increasing emotional awareness.


Parents Forum accomplishes these goals by:

= Modeling and teaching effective communication skills to parents through workshops and the program handbook Where the Heart Listens

= Partnering with community organizations to provide the Parents Forum curriculum to its constituents

= Offering opportunities for individuals to get advice, support and information through parent support groups.