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Parent Peer Support

We all want the best for our kids! But at one time or another, despite good intentions, we may stray from the good path we envision. Parents Forum strategies can help you establish strong relationships with other caring adults and stay on that good path.
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Workforce Development

The way we were raised has enormous influence on how we behave and on whether we succeed at work. Empathy, and training to develop empathy, is gaining attention as a key contributor to productivity and effective leadership. Let Parents Forum mini-sessions improve the emotional climate in your workplace.
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Community-Based Activities

Community groups serving all ages often face challenges in motivating and engaging members. Your parent association, youth group or senior center may want to improve internal communications or outreach. Parents Forum can help you enhance communication and leadership in your group whether it is based at a school, agency or faith community.
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“This is what is missing in a lot of other parents’
programs! The workshop gave me information I can use immediately, at home and everywhere.”
—Workshop Participant, Chicago Illinois

book-wheretheheartlistensRead The Book

Where the Heart Listens describes Parents Forum, a program based on thoughtful examination of eight original questions about family life issues. The workshops, designed by Eve Sullivan and Christine Bates, develop parenting skills and are suitable for various settings. While nothing replaces the experience of a Parents Forum workshop, Where the Heart Listens serves as a “workshop in your pocket” and can help parents, children and all family members improve their communications skills.
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Watch the video

With heartfelt thanks to Therese Ockenden, community coordinator for Winthrop Parents Forum, we want to share this five-minute video from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard. In it Dr. Shonkoff highlights the urgent necessity of skill-building in adults, specifically parents and others in parenting roles. The points he makes are right in line with our goals and approach in Parents Forum. Watch this video, then be in touch with its inspired creators and get back to us too!
Building Adult Capabilities to Improve Child Outcomes: A Theory of Change

This 5-minute video depicts a theory of change from the Frontiers of Innovation community for achieving breakthrough outcomes for vulnerable children and families. It describes the need to focus on building the capabilities of caregivers and strengthening the communities that together form the environment of relationships essential to children’s lifelong learning, health and behavior.


“Parenting skills…” the real red flag

We recognize the need for immediate responses to the cascade of tragedies we experienced this last week. But a longer-term, positive and preventive response is also essential if we are to transform our communities so that atrocities like those in Dayton and El Paso...

Parents Forum, a new resource for families and our community

By Jamael Tito Brown, Mayor of Youngstown and Eve Sullivan, Founder of Parents Forum Everyone agrees that parents have enormous impact on their children’s lives, yet the preparation we receive for our responsibilities, usually limited to the early years, is often...

Not for Nothin’ …27 minutes

This week I enjoyed almost twice my lifetime allotment of fame! With deep gratitude to the many individuals who have helped Parents Forum over the past 25-plus years, I want to share the interview Susan Fleishman of Cambridge Community Television did with me. It is...

Generation Wealth? …actually ‘generation emotional and spiritual poverty’

The just released movie by Lauren Greenfield, ‘Generation Wealth’ @genwealthmovie, is one all parents and parenting educators should see. At the beginning of the show, one can comfortably imagine that the problem is other people, but the filmmaker’s use of images of...

Good news within bad news…

We didn’t make the short list ...sad face, but Parents Forum is recognized as an innovator in the Generation to Generation (Gen2Gen) campaign ...happy face! Gen2Gen offers an opportunity to spread the word and engage volunteers in parenting education and support at a...

File under ‘We knew that!’

The Week’s ‘health scare of the week’ describes research on the negative effects of helicopter parenting. Nicole Perry, the lead researcher on the project, described June 18, 2018, by the American Psychological Association, said,           “Our findings underscore the...

Believe in impossible things!

[ Note added, as I am posting on Memorial Day: On this solemn day let us all remember those who fight on our behalf and those whose deaths this day recalls. They allow us to enjoy a peaceful day. I gave this talk at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, Mass., on Sunday,...

Love Me This Way

That’s the title of a book for children and parents, sent to me by the author Lee Aven, with a lovely, handwritten letter saying: = Dear Eve, = I share your interest in helping parents understand the skills of relationship through my own journey. I discovered that...

Be Kind and Carry On

Princess Diana: “The biggest disease this world suffers …is people feeling unloved.” #okaytosay @parentsforum @parademagazine

A revelation and a plea

The revelation:
Parents Forum should be free, in part because support that is freely offered is simply priceless/ The other reason, which leads to the plea, is that nobody seems to want to pay for what we offer. Sad face.

The heartfelt plea:
Could you kindly make a small donation, or a large one, to support our peer support program as we move into our second quarter century? With a lot of volunteer effort over many years and wonderful support from community-minded businesses, Parents Forum is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. I cannot quite believe it, but it’s true.

If you are in or near Cambridge, Mass. please join us next Monday, May 15th, on International Day of Families
for our anniversary celebration. Tickets are still available.

And, wherever you are, please take a look at this article
in the spring newsletter of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.