Spotlight on Conversation Workshop

About the Spotlight on Conversation Workshop

Sooner or later most of us, in daily interactions with a colleague, an employee, a boss, or even a client, become annoyed. People do annoying things after all!

Our “Spotlight on Conversation” program helps you and your employees do three things:

  • Understand that workgroups form a kind of family and that many of our professional interactions reflect this dynamic.
  • Gauge our own feelings. In order to do a better job at relating to the various members of our workplace family, we must learn to become aware of how we feel in a given setting or at any particular moment.
  • Temper your reaction. A deep breath and a moment of reflection make it easier to respond calmly and effectively to a coworker’s behavior.

Our emotional awareness training can make your workplace more collegial and productive and, as a bonus, it may also have even deeper positive effects in the family lives of employees who are parents.

How long is this workshop?

The full Spotlight on Conversation workshop three to four hours. It can also be taught in a single four-hour session (in two parts with a short break between) or as modules: two two-hour sessions or four one-hour sessions on different days. It can be taught in-person or online via webinar.

What does it cost?

The base workshop fee is $750. We can lead workshops in-person or online via webinar. For in-person workshops, we also charge travel expenses for our workshop facilitator. Most of the materials used in the workshop can be printed in-house, but we encourage workshop participants to purchase the program handbook, Where the Heart Listens.

The curriculum can also be licensed by schools, agencies or community groups that wish to offer the program more than once.

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