How to Tell Somebody Something They’d Rather Not Hear

Mini Workshop

We live in a world of multiple, nonstop interactions and even brief ones can be difficult.

“How To Tell Somebody Something They’d Rather Not Hear” offers a simple formula for managing these difficult interactions. With it, you can express your feelings in the moment in a way that the other person can hear.

Whether you are speaking with a friend, family member, colleague or a stranger, you can be honest, even when saying something they might not want to hear. Your concern may be simple, like dirty dishes in the sink or somebody cutting ahead of you in a checkout line, or serious, like dishonesty, drinking or other drug use, even violence in relationships.

The conversational formula “I feel___ about___ because___” reflects the three aspects of our experience: emotion, behavior and thought. It helps us develop emotional awareness and use it on a daily basis.

People tell us that it has helped them feel more confident in a variety of challenging situations.

How long is this workshop?

This 30-minute session is ideal for a workplace ‘lunch and learn’, school PTA/PTO night or other community setting.

What does it cost?

We charge a fee of $100 for the one-time presentation and provide participant handouts for reference.

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