that economic justice is a problem only for poor people?

that gender equity, along with sexual assault and sex trafficking, are concerns only for women?

that intimate partner violence can be resolved by helping only the victims?

that racial equality is an issue only for people of color?

that mental health and recovery are the province only of people who are mentally ill or addicted?

that criminal justice concerns should be addressed primarily with programs for individuals who are in jail or prison?

And last, why do we think that family wellbeing can best be promoted by helping children?

These pervasive social issues affect everyone. Family wellbeing, and all of these issues in fact, can be addressed in some significant measure by positive supports for parents. As important as targeted programs are for those suffering directly, we need also to step back and do more in the way of prevention.

It never fails to astonish me that we have such a huge blind spot, individually and collectively, when it comes to the value of – and the crying need for –  parenting programs.