Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that I missed posting this last May.  This is a short version, just over three minutes, of a half-hour panel discussion we held at Cambridge Community Television for International Day of Families.  See it on YouTube:


I just love the music, Sally Rogers’ ‘Love Will Guide Us’ and again I thank the moderator Bonny Carroll and panelists Richard Harding of the Men of Color Health Initiative, Kim Hunt of the Massachusetts PTA, Bob Wojcik of Children of Incarcerated Parents and Selwin Chambers of Elizabeth Peabody House and well as Jehanne Junguenet who edited the piece and all the Cambridge Community Television volunteers who helped us with the project. Whattateam!

I submitted this for a DoGooder award on the Case Foundation site in the ‘best small organization video’ category.  Worth a shot.

Fyi, the upcoming International Day of Families May 15, 2010 theme is “The impact of migration on families around the world”


Please take a look at both sites and, then look for our handbook Where the Heart Listens too, on Amazon.  Cheers!