That’s the title of a book for children and parents, sent to me by the author Lee Aven, with a lovely, handwritten letter saying:

= Dear Eve,

= I share your interest in helping parents understand the skills of relationship through my own journey. I discovered that awareness is the key to living consciously. Please accept a copy of the book that I published in the midst of my learning. I, too, encourage parents to set aside their personal issues in order to become better listeners, to focus on strength, to become more present and focal about sharing feelings and observations of a situation.

= As a self-published author, I am always looking for an engaged audience for my book. I would treasure your feedback on “Love Me This Way” as a resource for parents. Thanks so much in advance for the time you may take to have a look at it.

= Best regards,

= Lee Aven

My suggestion to you, dear readers, however many or few you may be, ask your local public library to order a copy and ask your neighborhood bookseller to stock it. Of course, I recommend you get a copy for yourself too. Love Me This Way is just wonderful!

By Lee Ellen Aven