This morning I attended a very nice gathering at the Boston Harbor Hotel, with top quality snacks, including the above mentioned excellent source of anti-oxidants.  Solomon McCown was the convenor, CSR was the title and major players were there. Ann Fudge, former Chairman and CEO of Young & Rubicam Brands, Ellen Remmer, President and CEO of The Philanthropic Initiative, Robert Glassman of Wainwright Bank and Trust — that’s our bank! — and Helene Solomon of Solomon McCown were the panelists. Renee Loth, GLOBE Editor, was the moderator.

The conversations covered, among other things, how companies can align the good works they do with their core business: General Mills working on hunger issues, Starbucks working on water supply issues, to name two. Three people there whom I will definitely contact are Tim Wilson, Editor at Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship, Alison Spindler, Community Connector — love that title! can I be her? — at Building Impact and David Magnani, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network.

The question I asked was ‘How can a small, all-volunteer nonprofit like Parents Forum find an executive to help us move up to scale?’ We’ll see what opportunities come our way!