Deep breaths!

The competition now enters the next phase.  Entries, including ours, are complete. I know because they told me:

Congratulations! You have successfully entered the “Rethinking Mental Health: Improving Community Wellbeing” collaborative competition. Ashoka’s Changemakers is excited to introduce your work to a global community interested in learning more about your innovations. You can read your entry here

I hope you will register with Changemakers so that you can comment and, eventually, vote!

  1.    Register on the site with a name and password of your choosing
  2.    Go to our entry: Parents Forum (the URL above with /54679 at the end)
  3.    Under ‘Take action’ click on ‘discuss’
  4.    Click on ‘add a comment’
  5.    Key in a title for your comment -and- your comment
  6.    Click on ‘preview’ …and if you like what you wrote…
  7.    Click ‘save’ …and you are done!

Don’t worry about filling out a profile.   Just choose a username and password, then enter comments.  I am eager to read yours!