Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parents Forum?

A parent peer support program.

Who can participate?

Anyone concerned about healthier family life.

What do you do?

  • We lead workshops, primarily for parents, on parenting and family life issues. These workshops are based on our eight agenda questions and focus on emotional awareness and good communication. We present our workshops in a variety of community settings, either for a one-time fee or through a license agreement with a community group.
  • We also organize book and toy exchanges, from time to time, that benefit local agencies serving families.  We collaborate with other organizations, local, national and international, to raise awareness of parents’ concerns and to promote family literacy.
  • We market our handbook ‘Where the Heart Listens’ to individuals and groups licensing our curriculum.
  • We offer licensed partners use of DVDs from our library of materials on parenting and family life issues.

What do you talk about?

We talk about feelings connected to experiences with family, friends, and coworkers.  Participants may discuss childhood experiences or concerns related to their present household or workgroup.

What does it cost?

Workshop participants are charged a nominal sum except those who are part of a community-based Parents Forum licensed community partner’s program, for whom participation is usually free. Hosts and sponsors pay a fee for our volunteer-led programs.

How is the program funded?

Parents Forum has been supported by many individual and business donations of money, time, meeting space, goods and services. Workshop fees, license fees and revenue from book sales all go toward program support. Tax-deductible donations are appreciated!

FAQs from different participants

A single person asks…
Do I have to have kids to participate?  No.
Must I make a commitment to participate?  You may attend any meeting or event without obligation. Attendance at a workshop series is recommended.

A parent asks…
Can I bring my children?  Childcare may be available (please inquire) and young people are encouraged to take part in workshops.
What is parent support, anyway?  We mean “preventive maintenance” rather than crisis intervention. It is non-professional, peer support, among parents and their allies.

A volunteer asks…
Who do I help?  How do I help?  The program seeks to blur, if not erase, the line between those who give help and those who receive it, so the most important volunteer work is participating in our workshops on family life issues.
Assistance organizing events and other program support is also needed. Board service is an important opportunity for individuals who are able to make a commitment of at least one year.

A professional asks…
Who should I refer to your program?  Someone wanting peer support would be an ideal referral. Parents Forum is not a substitute for counseling.

A student asks… / An elder asks…
If I’m not living with family members, why participate?
We all have relationships with our parents, siblings, children, even long-distance. Talking about feelings and family experiences can give us a better understanding  of ourselves and of our relationships with family members and friends.

A businessperson asks…
Why support this program?  
It can benefit employees who participate in Parents Forum events as well as members of the community your business serves.

For More Info…

Do you have additional questions or want more information?  Please e-mail us your question for a prompt response.
Contact us at:  or  +1 617-864-3802