Mood swings are the order of the day: One minute I am excited and relieved to have the third edition of our handbook printed and in hand. The next minute I am caught in a wave of fear, doubt and insecurity.  But reading your favorable comments, dear readers …wow… sends that wave packing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. On the upswing, here’s my latest tack for marketing, suitable for forwarding

Could you use a simple formula for How To Tell Somebody Something They’d Rather Not Hear?  You can find it in Where the Heart Listens, our parenting and lifeskills book now available on Amazon and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Get it as a gift to yourself or for a parent you admire.  Ask your favorite local bookseller to order it through Ingram or request it at Barnes and Noble.  Don’t forget, also, to ask your public library to order the book and tell your friends about it.

(I will get the hang of blogging. Slow and steady wins the race.)