Yes, my day in New York, Thursday, September 27, for a meeting of the NGO Family Committee at the U.N. was exciting!

Since the General Assembly was in session, there were lots of delegates out and about – many recognizable by country flag pins on their lapels – and the sidewalks were more crowded than usual. Police were everywhere and the streets allowing access to the U.N. itself were blocked with big orange garbage trucks. My U.N. grounds pass got me a wave in, though, to get to the Church Center . . . thanks to the International Federation for Parenting Education, which I represent.

No, I did not go to the General Assembly itself. Another year, perhaps.

The presenters at the NGO Family Committee meeting, in the afternoon, spoke on how parents are involved – or should be involved – in planning for their children’s education. The two presenters gave very lively slide talks about parents of special needs children with neat pictures, taken from Pinterest, she said, and parents of poor children in Jamaica with delightful videos showing parents and children dancing together.