Tom Matlack, creator of the Good Men Project, has this to say about our entry in Changemakers:

I certainly applaud the work of Parents Forum, for kids, moms and specially dads. I am particularly sensitive to this issue as a formerly divorced dad facing spending time with two baby children on my own. I had to learn on the job! Thankfully those kids are now in high school, I have remarried and have four year old to practice on with my second wife. The work of the Forum also supports what I am doing at *The Good Men Project* a foundation that hopes to spark a national conversation about manhood and supporting programs for at-risk boys. So much of what men talk about in our format is being a father and a son. It is at the very core of who we are as men. So we need help from organizations like Parents Forum all the more!

Thank you, Tom!  And I look forward to reading your book!