This has possibilities!

A message from the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service mentions U.N. efforts to set development priorities for the year 2015 and beyond.

You can make your voice heard on the issues here:

My choices were:

  • phone and internet access
  • equality between men and women
  • a good education
  • affordable and nutritious food
  • access to clean water and sanitation
  • action taken onclimate change

The survey ends with an opportunity to add your own issue. Of course I wrote about our petition for universal parenting education because…

Universal parenting education can go a long way toward addressing many of the above challenges and others mentioned. I undertook the petition initiative on behalf of the International Federation for Parenting Education (FIEP, in French) which will be 50 years old in 2014, the 20th anniversary of the UN’s International Year of the Family.

I serve on the FIEP board and very much want to see the organization go forward into the next 50 years with a strong global presence and the ability to reach and support parents and parenting educators around the world.