Well, well, well, it sounded a little far out, but worth a try. This morning I went to an event at Tufts put on by the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute — there’s a mouthful! — co-sponsored by the Harvard Catalyst Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Program — another mouthful! — and hosted by, among other Tufts entities, the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service.

The Dean of the College who opened the event was, it turns out, Rob Hollister, from Yellow Springs, Ohio, my home town. I guess we went to high school together, but that was a long time ago.  My memories of that time are a bit faded, but fond nevertheless.

What did Parents Forum get from the speed-dating experience? Actually we have a meeting scheduled for next month with one of the community liaisons for the CBPR. Stay tuned for details on this!