This is all quite strange. The Boston Marathon bombings, four days ago, and now the city where I live, Cambridge, Mass. – – revealed as home to the perpetrators, one now dead and the other on the run – – locked down. All I know is that we are all in this together. We have to face the reality of evil in the world and face it with faith and strength. If doing nothing is physically exhausting in this situation, and I am very tired, I cannot imagine how draining it must be for the law enforcement officers who are searching for the remaining suspect. My heart goes out to the injured and to the families of those injured and killed in this madness and to the police officers especially. I am so thankful that there are men and women willing to confront such challenges personally for all our sakes.

A lot has been made available in the media about how important it is to protect the children from the barrage of radio and television news. As parents and grandparents we need to take care of ourselves, and each other, and to the extent possible keep the news from causing the little ones anxiety. Not an easy task when shock, fear and sadness are in all of us.