A touching interview with a parent at Sandy Hook, the father of triplets, 8 years old, reported by John Christoffersen and Pat Eaton-Robb for the Associated Press, ran today in the Boston Globe,. Asked about the re-opening of classes, the father admitted ‘I’m nervous about it’ adding, “It’s going to be a long road back [and] back to what is the biggest question.”

So much news spotlights incidents of violence that it is difficult to remember that hundreds of thousands of children make their way to and from school and their parents get to work and home again without incident. Perhaps the new normal for the Newtown father and others in his community – for all of us, in fact – will include a greater appreciation of the simple joys of an uneventful life. I hope that for them.

I also hope that parents of troubled young people will take new energy and commitment from the Newtown tragedy and seek the mental health services their children need. It is very difficult to get help for someone who insists he – or she – does not need it. As parents we must support each other in finding these services.

Michael Castner of The Daily Wrap www.dailywrapwsj.com called me just now – you may hear our conversation on his show this evening – the topic as on Dec.14th was how to reassure children who have experienced a trauma such as the school shooting or heard or seen too many reports of such an event.  If you are interested in Parents Forum and our work in helping parents develop their own emotional awareness, learn more by reading our handbook Where the Heart Listens. It is available in print through the usual outlets and in ebook and audiobook on eBookIt www.ebookit.com .