Now this is nice . . . a letter saying Parents Forum works!

My wife Susan and I have had the pleasure of knowing Eve Sullivan since the summer of 1998. My wife had met Eve and was introduced to Parents Forum.  Being young parents with children ages 5 and 3 at the time we had many unanswered questions about the parenting journey.

We have attended and volunteered at Parents Forum workshops and have found them to be valuable to both children and parents.

Not only do the children benefit from having more knowledgeable parents in everyday parenting, but also the parents greatly benefit from meeting other parents, not only sharing ideas but also making new friendships.

Susan and I feel the City of Somerville would greatly benefit from adopting the Parents Forum program. Our children are now 18 and 16 and are doing well at Somerville High. We are very thankful for the information and tools we have learned from Parents Forum to this day because it helped us to be a better family.


Richard Silva, Somerville Mass. resident