One of my delightful daughters-in-law sent a link to this article on the risks of too much media use, not by kids, but by parents!

Kids want and need good attention, for heaven’s sake, and online activities do have a seductive if not addictive appeal for adults and children alike.  My occasionally less than idyllic childhood, well before the Internet age, includes this unfortunate episode:

My mother had spent too much time meeting with friends and colleagues about a project she was working on.  Or so it seemed to my six year old self. She had told me repeatedly to stay outside and play. I was fed up. Eventually, getting no reply to my repeated pleas, I went and got a shovel and broke the glass of the front door.  I got her attention, certainly, but it was far from the best solution.  Later, however, my mother acknowledged that she had stretched my patience and that I was entitled to be frustrated.

No one in my family was very adept at managing conflict in ways that did not involve raised voices and even broken furniture, so I suppose I was doing what came naturally.  Thank goodness for all I learned from other parents in the program (described in Where the Heart Listens) about how to handle strong feelings.  Mercifully, my chair-throwing days are long gone!!