As I wrote to National Parenting Education Network ( colleagues and friends, these events are so painful and fresh that there is little to do but shudder and cry.

You can hear Dec.14 The Daily Wrap with host Michael Castner: it includes a three-minute interview with me at about 13 minutes into the half-hour podcast. The basic question was how parents can talk to their children about such horrific tragedy and how we can support each other. My message, be honest about one’s own fear and be willing to listen to children, other family members and friends express theirs.

I checked the American Psychological Association for resources and mentioned these from their site

  • talk with and listen to your child
  • keep home a safe place
  • watch for signs of stress, fear or anxiety
  • take breaks from the news
  • take care of yourself

That last may be the most important and I would add:  let us take care of each other.