May 15 is here again and it is very heartening to remember that there are lots of good people around the world working to support families.

I just spent an hour by telephone with National Parenting Education Network (NPEN – US) council members in a very rich discussion of a draft report on the diverse roles of people in the field of parenting education. Among themes considered were the importance of reflective supervision for parenting educators. I’d say that reflective supervision is what parents need to provide for their children, too.

On Thursday I will join a three-day meeting already in progress at the U.N. in New York on: “Good Practices in Family Policy Making: Family Policy Development, Monitoring and Implementation: Lessons Learnt” organized by UNDESA: the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. It will be very exciting to be able to present a few ideas on parenting education . . . my favorite topic! The meeting is convened as part of preparations for the 20th anniversary in 2014 of the International Year of the Family.

I believe that the UN meeting will be live streamed, at least the presentations will be archived.