The first slice of bad news in this sandwich is a report in the Boston GLOBE magazine on Monday headlined “Rate of children getting mental health care rises”. Lara Salah reported research (from JAMA Psychiatry Nov.27) showing that “the rate at which children and adults received medication for a psychiatric condition doubled” over the last 15 years. She noted that the findings “may also signal the overuse of psychotropic medication among children and adolescents for minor conditions.” That is not good!

The good news is a grant, announced (according to an AP report today in the GLOBE) by Vice President Biden: a $100 million investment in mental health services, targeted to community health centers and rural health centers. That’s good.

The bad news, in my view, is the complete absence of any mention of parenting resources. Who are on the front line of care and concern for children’s well-being, including mental health? Parents, of course. If we get the support we need, we can more likely see that our children get the help they need, not medication!