Learning What We Live Workshop

About the Learning What We Live Workshop

Learning What We Live Workshops are designed for middle-schoolers. In these workshops, the Parents Forum curriculum is tailored to helping school children learn about emotional awareness and apply new skills for communicating better.

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How long is the workshop?

The full Learning What We Live workshop takes 4 hours. It can also be taught in a single 4-hour session (broken into two parts with a short break in between) or as modules in two 2-hour sessions or four 1-hour sessions on different days. It can be taught in-person or online via webinar.


What does it cost?

The base workshop fee is $750. We can lead workshops in-person or online via webinar. For in-person workshops, we also charge a travel expenses for our workshop facilitator. Most of the materials used in the workshop can be printed in-house, but we encourage workshop participants to purchase the handbook. The curriculum can also be licensed for community groups who wish to offer the program more than once.


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