With the serious mental health crisis created by the COVID pandemic, parents and others in parenting roles have an urgent need for greater emotional support. Parents Forum wants to help meet this need with a two-part initiative, Love and Luck.

We want to create ten new Parents Forum chapters, similar to our one current chapter in Youngstown, Ohio. That’s the love part!

We need to fund a robust administrative infrastructure to support the new chapters and enable further expansion to other communities. That’s the luck part!

Please help us with both!

Bring a Parents Forum workshop to your organization.

From February 14 to March 17, Parents Forum will accept requests to license the program’s unique peer support curriculum and create chapters in ten new sites around the country. During the same period, we will raise money to hire staff and establish a solid foundation for our 25-year-old volunteer effort.

Our “Love and Luck” fundraiser got off to a strong start with a generous donation from Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and CEO of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, who said, “Parents Forum’s work supports SHRM’s goal of creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce. It is clear that investing in parents can go a long way toward helping children achieve their potential.”

If you are a parent or a community leader in any sector – city government, social services, health care, education and business, as well as corrections – please contact Parents Forum to inquire about creating a chapter.

Make a donation today in any amount!

With our success last fall in ‘A Community Thrives,’ our project ‘A Lifeline for Parents, an Anchor for Communities’ raised over $10,000. Now we need to * at least * double that amount in order to accomplish the two ambitious goals that we have set. Thank you for your interest and support.

Some background on our program . . .

Our mission is to foster caring, honest and respectful communications throughout society, starting in families.

We offer workshops on emotional awareness and conflict management, online and in person, for parents, grandparents and others in parenting roles; lunch-and-learn mini-workshops for adults on the same topics. in the workplace; and workshops for young adults. Our logic model https://bit.ly/35npbpr describes the problems we address, the inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts of our approach.

Parents Forum engages diverse participants, parents and others, including incarcerated men, low-income, middle- and high-income parents, and academic and social service administrators. With all-volunteer leadership, the program has offered workshops in a variety of settings for over 25 years, averaging 6 to 10 per year, and received consistently favorable feedback from participants.

Your donation today can help us grow and serve parents in other communities around the country. Thank you.