[NEW] Logic Model

The Parents Forum Logic Model, or Theory of Change


= All parents and caregivers experience some stress, anxiety and isolation.

= Many have difficulty communicating in an emotionally honest way.

= Some lack the knowledge and skills to provide safe, stable and nurturing homes for their children.

= Children and young people today experience more, and more severe, behavior problems and mental health issues.

= Parenting education is widely stigmatized


= Parents Forum provides materials to host school or agency, media and other community stakeholders.

= School or agency licenses Parents Forum and distributes program materials to parents and caregivers.

= Parents Forum trains local agency coordinators to facilitate Parents Forum workshops.

= Other community stakeholders and partners commit to supporting program activities


= Coordinators present Parents Forum workshops to parents and caregivers.

= Coordinators and participants acquire tools to express feelings and manage conflict.

= Parents and caregivers gain parenting skills and knowledge, view their participation positively and attend regularly.

= Other stakeholders support — and media report on — program activities and benefits.


= Parents and caregivers report less stress, anxiety and isolation.

= Coordinators and participants gain confidence and competence in parenting and greater ability to manage conflict in their daily lives.

= Participants’ children show greater social-emotional competence, as reported by parents and teachers.

= Community support normalizes parents’ participation in Parents Forum.


= As their stress, anxiety and isolation lessen, parents experience greater wellbeing.

= Parents are better able to create safe, stable and nurturing homes.

= With greater support at home, children have fewer problems and achieve more, both in and out of school.

= Parents Forum becomes an accepted and valued family support institution.

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